A Visit from The Muslim and Cristian Clergymen in The North-West Bulgaria

The mufti of Edirne, Emrullah Üzüm and a delegate which consists of clergymen, mayor, deputy mayors of North-West Bulgaria visited the Rector Prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoğlu on September, 25th, 2017. Vice Rector in Charge of International Relations, Prof. Dr. Cem Uzun, International Relations Coordinator, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Türkyılmaz also participated in the visit.

The Mufti of Vidin-Montana, Necati Ali Ali told that they started out to strengthen the friendship and neighbor relations between two countries and they believed the necessity of keeping the spirit of past fresh and transferring it to the future generations and he added their desires to make visits in this direction.

Prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoğlu informed the delegate about Balkan Universities Association and told that the meeting of the Association was held in Sofia this year and the next meeting will be held in Tetovo. Rector also told that “Edirne is city where too many cultures live together and was a capital city. We desire to sustain the brotherhood here and as two neighbor countries, the same songs make us feel happy or upset; we eat the same kind of food and share lots of things and we are pleased with your visit.

Metropolit Arhimandrit Antim stated that Trakya University is a unique University with its latest technology and quality in this region. He also told about the significance of medical science and its benefits to mankind. He said that “let’s tell the world that Muslims and Christians can live together in peace and harmony. In case two people, who had one apple on their hands, change their apples between them, that will show their material ties; however, if they share their ideas, that will also diversify the opinions. Knowledge is the foundation of everything. Knowledge illuminates the soul; people can reach every area of the world with education.”

Mayor of the Belogradchik district in Vidin, Boris Nikolov told that they are following closely the developments within the last 15-20 years in Turkey. He also obtained information about the Bulgarian students in our University, decrease in tuition fees and also the details about how the foreign citizens can get benefit from the University Hospital.

The mufti of Edirne, Emrullah Üzüm mentioned about the Belen Mosque in Pleven which is built by the efforts of Edirne Governorship and also the other mosque projects which are planned to be built in Northwest Bulgaria. He also added that it is significant for people to meet the religious needs at home town and they are looking forward to waiting the supports of the academic community regarding this issue.

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