Trakya University addresses to Balkan Region via the Conferences:


The 8th Balkan Social Sciences Congress was held in Constanta in September 6th-11th, 2017 with the collaboration of Trakya University, Gazi University, Sakarya University, Yıldız Technical University, Erciyes University, Nişantaşı University, Ahmet Yesevi and Ovidius University. The congress was supported by the institutions such as TIKA, Turkish World Research Foundation, TÜBAV and TURKSOY. The Congress draw great attention of the people in Turkey and Romania and the academic staff of Trakya University also participated in the Conference. The Congress consisted of 13 topics from the fields of Anthropology and History; Language, Culture, Religion; Literature; Education; Economics and Finance; Entrepreneurship and Management; Law; Communication; Health, Sports, Tourism; Political Science and Public Administration; Sociology and Philosophy; International Relations and Management and Management Information Systems. Methodology Workshop was also held in the Congress.

Rector Prof.Dr.Erhan Tabakoğlu gave a speech on behalf of all universities and stressed that Constanta is the region which is densely populated by Turks and expressed his pride in supporting and leading in all kinds of cultural and academic activities in the Balkans as Trakya University. Later, Consul General of Constanta, Mr. Uygar M. Sertel stated that he was happy to see Turkish Universities in this region where the Turkish population lived most intensely.

Finally, Prof.Dr. Fadil Hoca, Rector of International Vision University, who attended the Congress as a guest, said that he was proud that International Vision University is the only university that gives Turkish education outside Turkey, thanked those who contributed to the organization of the congress.
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