What is Erasmus Learning Mobility?



Erasmus Learning Mobility enables students who are studying at a institution of higher education providing formal education in Turkey and having Erasmus University Charter (EUC) to be an exchange student for 1 or 2 semesters within an academic year at another institution of higher education having Erasmus University Charter in a European country. Within the programme, students also get financial support during this period. The financial support provided is not reclaimed. The aim of this support is not to cover all the expenses of the students but the additional expenses of the mobility.


Erasmus Learning Mobility is realized within the scope of interinstitutional agreements. The institutions make application announcements, within the framework of agreements, to appoint the Erasmus students. The mobility can only be realized between the departments having an agreement. To benefit from the Learning Mobility, students are supposed to apply to the Erasmus Coordinatorship in their own institutions and get involved in the selection process. Each intstitution specifies their own application dates. 

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